Ted Planet

In the vast darkness of space, where the severe space winds blow, an unusual planet circles the yellow sun. This is a mysterious world where all life forms live in peace and harmony. The world is so diverse and unusual that an unprepared traveler is not able to understand where he has found himself at once... Read more...

Dark Ted Space Ship

The size of a planet ... With the power of thousands of ordinary armies ... the ship under the command of the terrible captain moves across the horizon shutting the light of the sun. Destroying planets on its way, it subsists with the energy of their nuclei to hit the road again in search of another victim... Read more...

Restoration and construction of defensive fortifications

Having seen and realized the full extent of misfortune that fell on their heads, local residents began to build fortifications for their settlements, friendly team are working very quickly and were able to protect their homes from not petition guests... Read more...

Planet islands

The island is an independent part of the planet though it cannot exist separately from the rest of the system. Each island is fueled by the energy of the nucleus around which they all move. The islands traffic pattern is very peculiar. It is difficult to explain using known physical laws but no two islands ever crashed... Read more...

Battle begins

Activation of the pyramid to dark energy, the invaders awakened the ancient powers of the planet made them his slaves. Force of the earth, air and water applied to the evil elementals who began to attack civilians and destroy everything in its path. And then ... Read more...

Special edition Planned for

You’ll get some rewards for your support. This is what you will have if you pledge:

$15 Limited

(38 of 120 left)

You get the early BETA. You receive the same as for $20 but the amount of “places” is limited.


You get the early BETA, game wallpapers, Premium Game Account for a month (during the month a player receives more experience and a higher probability to win a reward in the end of a battle).


You get TWO COPIES OF THE BETA + access to the private discussion community. Includes all previous tiers.


You get Premium Game Account for 2 MONTHS + your name in the game credits. Includes all previous tiers.


You get THREE COPIES OF THE BETA + Premium Game Account for 3 MONTHS. Includes all previous tiers.


You get Golden Game Account for 4 MONTHS (the same as Premium Account but the bonuses are cooler). Includes all previous tiers.


You get special commemorative limited edition full size game box. Includes all previous tiers.


You get Ted Story T-shirts (see pictures). Includes all previous tiers.


You get unique weapons called after yourself (a variation on your real name or your nickname). Its characteristics and design will be discussed together with you. The name in the credits will be larger and more colorful + a Ted Story cap of your choice (see pictures). Includes all previous tiers.


You get a Teddy Bear + an opportunity to take an active part in the development process (direct interaction with the development team). Includes all previous tiers.

$500 Limited

(38 of 120 left)

You get a personal customized item set just for you Its characteristics and design will be discussed together with you. Includes all previous tiers.

$1000 Limited

(38 of 120 left)

Your name or nickname will be carved out of the rock in the game in big letters. You will also get a personal thanks from the Ted Story team. Includes all previous tiers.

$2500 Limited

(38 of 120 left)

You'll be the boss! A special model of a boss will be developed and it will be named after you (a variation on your real name or your nickname). Moreover, we’ll create a special thank you video from all the Ted Story development team. Includes all previous tiers.

A new promo video games Ted Story

Ted Story launch on Kickstarter is postponed to May 1: users will find a lot of new and exciting updates

About the new Ted Story characters:

Meet the Jaguar Warrior. He has high armor and health parameters. This will allow the player to use him in the forefront to cover more vulnerable units.

The second new character is invincible Shaman. This warrior from the “good” side has the ability to heal the units of allies. Shaman will be extremely effective in conjunction with Jaguar. Together, they virtually deprive the enemy of a chance to beat them in close combat.

Thanks to the new characters, Ted Story, no doubt, will be richer for the tactical aspects and more diverse, since it is no secret every unit has its specific tactics in battle. Now, gamers will be able to focus less on monotonous production of resources and generation of the forces, because they will be completely focused on choosing the right groups of units and maneuvering them in battle.

When creating concepts, the artists of the Peppers Games Studio play their cards right to combine Aztec mythology and their own original ideas. We hope to create a holistic, detailed a world which the player would really believe in and where he would want to stay for long.

A wide range of troops will be available for the player now - from the Indians themselves to Golems, giant animals and even the Aztec deities.

In the near future the Peppers Games team is planning to introduce more new units from the "evil" side into the game. Currently our developers are considering introducing some flying units in the games that will add even more depth to gameplay. Also the studio is developing a set of spells for the character which is going to open additional space for the battle strategies.

Due to a large number of the resources, set towards the development of the game content, the Peppers Games team report that the launch of Ted Story on Kickstarter, previously scheduled on April 10, 2013, is postponed to May 1, 2013.

You are going to have a lot of more interesting things from us!

Your Peppers Games Team!

Ted Story– soon for all Rts and Action fans! The launch on the Kick Starter is planned for April 10, 2013.

On April 1, 2013 Peppers Games (peppersgames.com) has announced its new project - an epic online game Ted Story (tedstorygame.com - under development) in the genres of RTS and Action. This exciting game is designed for PC. Developers at Peppers Games, talented artists, game designers, animators, visualizers and musicians - more than thirty people in total - gathered in a team to make the best game in the world.

The main feature of the game is a crazy mix of several exciting genres. You will be astonished by incredible game dynamics and a mass of real time battles. Two different factions are going to fight: the army of the aborigines and the army of alien invaders. Thanks to the unique setting Teв Story should take a competitive place among the best RTS games.

Together with Ted Story players immerse into a beautiful, blooming world with truly magnificent flora and fauna untouched by the civilization. It keeps lots of secrets: the ancient totems, wells and pyramids, the origin of which is an enigma even for the earliest inhabitants and sages. Everyone lives in harmony in this mysterious world. But suddenly the idyll comes to an end ... The planet is attacked by cruel and treacherous aliens!

You will receive:

• Crazy mix of several exciting genres.

• Unique mechanics of battles and high quality gameplay.

• Developed system to powerlevel the characters.

• Vivid, detailed game world and other nice surprises.

The launch of Ted Story for backers on the Kick Starter is planned for April 10, 2013.

On 1 December 2013, the project will be available for all fans of online RTS and Action games.

Peppers Games studio.

Cool Poster of the Girl Temptation

Every Backers who has made donate receive the cool poster of the Girl Temptation.

Teddy bears

Backers who took special interest in our game, in addition to the other gifts such as early access to BETA, boxed game version, and much more, will receive this wonderful toy – Ted Bear, the main character in the game created by us.



Teddy bears caps

This unique cap + a set of additional gifts received will be received by all backers whose contribute to the development of the game will be $ 250 and more.


Ted Story t-shirts

This T-shirt + a box with the game, early access to BETA and much more can be received if you are interested in our project for $ 150 and more.